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Fig. 2

From: Human sperm acrosome function assays are predictive of fertilization rate in vitro: a retrospective cohort study and meta-analysis

Fig. 2

a–d Forest plots of Rs (a), SMD (b), SEN and SPE (c), DS and DOR (d). (e, f) Graphs of SROC curve before (e) and after (f) excluding one outlier. AE levels were positively correlated with FR (pooled Rs = 0.38). Higher AE levels were obtained for higher as compared to lower FRs (pooled SMD = 0.79). Lower AE levels were predictive of lower FR with low SEN/moderate SPE (pooled SEN = 0.57; SPE = 0.85), moderate discriminant effect (pooled DS = 2.05; DOR = 7.78) and moderate accuracy (AUC = 0.78; AUC = 0.73). AE acrosomal enzyme, Rs spearman correlation coefficient, SMD standardized mean difference, SEN sensitivity, SPE specificity, DS diagnostic score, DOR diagnostic odds ratio, SROC summary receiver operating characteristic, AUC area under the SROC curve

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