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Fig. 1

From: The preclinical evaluation of immunocontraceptive vaccines based on canine zona pellucida 3 (cZP3) in a mouse model

Fig. 1

Schematic representation and Western blot analysis of the fusion proteins OGZ and OZ. a. The main components of OGZ were T cell epitope of OVA, GnRH and cZP3. The main components of OZ were T cell epitope of OVA and cZP3. A flexible linker (GGGS) was inserted in between the components. b. OGZ and OZ reacted with antibodies (Abs) against cPZ3. Lane 1: OGZ, lane 2: OZ. C. OGZ reacted with Abs against GnRH. Lane 3: OGZ. Lane M: protein molecular weight markers

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