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Table 1 The ESHRE consensus Bologna criteria for poor ovarian response (POR)

From: Individualized controlled ovarian stimulation in expected poor-responders: an update

Advanced maternal age (≥40 years) or any other risk factor for PORa
A previous POR (≤3 oocytes with a conventional stimulation protocol)b
An abnormal ovarian reserve test (i.e. antral follicle count < 5–7 follicles or AMH < 0.7–1.3 ng/mL)a,c
  1. Two out of three criteria need to be fulfilled in order to be defined as POR
  2. aExpected poor responder if age ≥ 40 years and abnormal ovarian reserve test
  3. bPoor responder if two previous episodes of POR after maximal stimulation
  4. cAMH values updated in 2014, originally 0.5–1.1 ng/mL