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Fig. 4

From: Short-term culture of adult bovine ovarian tissues: chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) vs. traditional in vitro culture systems

Fig. 4

Effects of culture systems, culture days (d) and their interaction on (a) healthy primordial [HP]; b atretic primordial [AP]; c healthy growing [HG]; and (d) atretic growing [AG] follicle densities. Each bar represents mean ± SEM (N = 5 ovaries; 3 slices/ovary/group/day). Healthy primordial, atretic primordial and healthy growing follicle densities were affected significantly by culture systems and culture days; whereas, atretic growing follicle density was influenced significantly by culture days only. Within a follicle population, bars with different superscripts (a, b, c) represent significant difference between culture days (p < 0.05). An asterisk (*) represents significant difference between culture systems (p < 0.05), on a specific day

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