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Fig. 2

From: Short-term culture of adult bovine ovarian tissues: chorioallantoic membrane (CAM) vs. traditional in vitro culture systems

Fig. 2

Effects of culture systems, culture days (d) and their interaction on bovine blood vessel density (a), and the effect of CAM culture day (d) on avian blood vessel density (b). Each bar represents mean ± SEM (N = 5 ovaries; 3 slices/ovary/group/day). Bovine blood vessel density varied significantly by culture systems and culture days; whereas, avian blood vessel density influenced significantly by culture days. Within a blood vessel type, bars with different superscripts (a,b,c) represent significant difference between culture days (p < 0.05). An asterisk (*) represents significant difference between culture systems (p < 0.05), on a specific day

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