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Table 2 Summary of Gene Ontology(GO) analysis of differential sperm proteins in asthenozoospermia in different proteomic studies

From: Proteomic profile of human spermatozoa in healthy and asthenozoospermic individuals

Study GO term Protein names
Hashemitabar et al. energy and metabolism COX6B, GAPDS, PHGPx
movement and structural organization TUBB2B, ODF2, AKAP4, KRT1, CLU
stress response and turn over HSPA2, HSPA9
signaling and transport VDAC2
antioxidant activity GSTMu3
Siva et al. energy and metabolism TRIS, GPK2, SCOT1, unidentified
movement and organization TUBB2C, tektin 1
protein turnover, folding and stress response PSMA3, HSPA2
Martı’nez-Heredia et al. energy production COX6B, DLDpre, Fhpre, ECH1pre
structure and movement ACTB, H2A, PIP, PIPpre, SEMG1
cell signalling and regulation ANXA5, S100A9, IMPA1
Zhao et al. metabolic enzymes IDH-α, PGM2, TPI, GOT-1, CA-II
structure GDI-1,ODF
other 14-kDa fragment and 17-kDa fragments of semenogelin I