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Table 1 Sperm proteins with a significantly higher or lower expression in asthenozoospermia in different proteomic studies

From: Proteomic profile of human spermatozoa in healthy and asthenozoospermic individuals

Study Method Identified proteins
up-regulated in astheno down-regulated in astheno
Hashemitabar et al. 2D electrophoresis MALDI-TOF-TOF analysis CLU, KRT1, ASRGL1 AKAP4, ODF2, TUBB2B, COX6B, GSTMu3, PHGPx, GAPD-S, VDAC2, HSPA2, HSPA9 and SPANXB
Siva et al. 2D PAGE MALDI MS/MS analysis TRIS, GPK2, SCOT1, unidentified TUBB2C, tektin 1, PSMA3, HSPA2
Martı’nez-Heredia et al. 2D electrophoresis MS analysis CLUpre, DLDpre, FHpre, HSPA2, IMPA1, PSMB3, SEMG1pre, TEX12, MPST/ECH1pre ACTB, ANXA5, COX6B, histone H2A, PIP, PIPpre, calcium binding protein-S100A9
Shen et al. 2D electrophoresis MALDI-TOF analysis PIPpre, flagellin, GPX4, GAPDH TEKT4, Lacto, ODF2, SPANXB, PGK2, GRP78, Hsp70, DJ-1, CAB2, Actin, Heat shock protein 70 testis variant
Zhao et al. 2D electrophoresis MALDI-TOF analysis PGM2, TPI, GOT-1, ODF, GS, semenogelin I precursor IDH-α, CA-II, GDI-1, MSS1