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Table 1 Embryo implantation in different species

From: Role of microRNAs in embryo implantation

Species Arrival to the Uterine Cavity Hatch Conceptus Elongation Recognition Signal of Pregnancy Initiate Implantation Firm Attachment Placentation
Homo sapiens Day 4 Day 4–5 No Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) Day 6–7 Day 8–10 Hemochorial (invasive)
Mus musculus Day 3 Day 4 No Prolactin (PRL) Day 4 Day 5–6 Hemochorial (invasive)
Bos taurus Day 4–5 Day 9–10 Yes Interferon tau (IFNT) Day 19 Day 40–45 Synepitheliochorial (non-invasive)
Sus scrofa Day 2–2.5 Day 6 Yes Estrogen Day 12–13 Day 25–26 Epitheliochorial (non-invasive)
Ovis aries Day 3–4 Day 7–8 Yes Interferon tau (IFNT) Day 14–15 Day 28–35 Synepitheliochorial (non-invasive)
Equus caballus Day 6 Day 7–8 No Unknown factor Day 35–40 Day 95–105 Epitheliochorial (non-invasive)