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Table 2 Distribution of ovarian follicles depending on the type (healthy, transitional, atretic)

From: Correction to: Expression of factors involved in apoptosis and cell survival is correlated with enzymes synthesizing lysophosphatidic acid and its receptors in granulosa cells originating from different types of bovine ovarian follicles

   Follicle category
  Total Healthy Transitional Atretic
Number of follicles 1028 148a 675b 205a
Rate of total number of follicles (%) 100 14.4a 65.7b 19.9a
  1. Small superscript letters a and b indicate significant differences in the respective ovarian follicle numbers within the various types of follicles (P < 0.05) as determined by a one-way ANOVA followed by the Kruskall-Wallis test