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Table 1 The properties of the materials used for numerical simulations

From: Efficient vitrification of mouse embryos using the Kitasato Vitrification System as a novel vitrification device

Material Density (kg/m3) Heat capacity (J/kg•K) Thermal conductivity (W/m•K)
Polyethyleneterephthalate film 1570 1260 0.31
Porous membranea 2170 1050 0.25
Vitrification solutionb 1255 1657 0.20
Thawing solutionb 1581 1255 0.28
Embryoc 998 4182 0.60
  1. aPorous membrane is used as the vitrification solution absorber in the Kitasato Vitrification System
  2. bThe properties of the vitrification and thawing solution were referenced from a previous report by Tarakanov et al. [14]
  3. cThe properties of embryos matched those of water at 20 °C