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Fig. 2

From: Anti-human platelet antigen (HPA)-1a antibodies may affect trophoblast functions crucial for placental development: a laboratory study using an in vitro model

Fig. 2

Effect of anti-HPA-1a antibodies on EVT adhesion and migration. HTR8/SVneo cells were plated on E-plate 16 (for adhesion experiments) and CIM-plate 16 (for migration experiments) in the presence of mAb 26.4 or human IgG1 as a negative control. Cell adhesion was monitored using xCELLigence system over 7 h, and cell migration over 24 h. The samples were run in triplicates and experiments repeated three times each. Each column represent the range in cell index of one sample run in triplicate. Results presented in the graphs (distinguished by experiment due to high variations in cell index between the experiments) are from three independent experiments: a adhesion; c migration. Plots visualize cell spreading and attachment in real time: b adhesion; d migration. Plots are representative for three independent experiments

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