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Fig. 1

From: Anti-human platelet antigen (HPA)-1a antibodies may affect trophoblast functions crucial for placental development: a laboratory study using an in vitro model

Fig. 1

Expression of integrin β3 and HPA-1a on HTR8/SVneo cells. a Flow cytometric analysis of cells incubated with murine anti-human β3 HPA-1-reactive mAb SZ21 and human HPA-1a-specific mAb 26.4, or isotype control. b Detection of integrin β3 in lysed HTR8/SVneo cells by Western blot. Integrin αVβ3 isolated from human placenta used as control. Integrin β3 detected as a band of about 100 kDa in the control and cell lysate. Western blot image was spliced to rearrange the order of samples within one experiment. Dashed lines indicate where the images were joined. Figure A and B are representative for at least three independent experiments

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