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Fig. 2

From: Local intra-uterine Ang-(1–7) infusion attenuates PGE2 and 6-keto PGF in decidualized uterus of pseudopregnant rats

Fig. 2

Semi-quantitative assessment of staining of cleaved caspase-3, an apoptotic marker, was determined in total and luminal regions of the control and Ang-(1-7) dedicualized uterus. The % of apoptotic cells when all four regions (luminal and decidual, antimesometrial and mesometrial) (Total) were combined was not different between control and Ang-(1-7)-treated groups, whereas the % of the stained apoptotic cells in the mesometrial and antimesometrial luminal regions (Luminal Region) was reduced with Ang-(1-7) treatment. n = 6 animals/group). Representative immunohistochemical cleaved caspase 3 staining of the control (a and b) and Ang-(1-7) (c and d) decidualized uterus. A = antimesometrial; M = mesometrial. Scale bar = 200 μm

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