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Fig. 1

From: Local intra-uterine Ang-(1–7) infusion attenuates PGE2 and 6-keto PGF in decidualized uterus of pseudopregnant rats

Fig. 1

Tissue levels of PGE2, (a) 6-keto PGF, (b) and TxB2 (c) (pmol/mg protein) in the non-decidualized and decidualized uterine horns of control and Ang-(1-7) treated animals. The decidualized horn of the two groups of animals received locally infused either control (PBS) or Ang-(1-7) treatment, whereas the non-decidualized horn of each was untreated. Data are mean ± SEM, n = 9–10, *p < 0.001 (control non-decidualized vs. decidualized horns) #p < 0.05, ##p < 0.01 (control decidualized vs. Ang-(1-7) decidualized horns)

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