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Table 1 Characteristics of studies included in a systematic review and meta-analysis of G-CSF and pregnancy outcome after ART

From: Whether G-CSF administration has beneficial effect on the outcome after assisted reproductive technology? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Type of study Women Treatment Protocol Dose and Rout of G-CSF administration Outcome
2012 Scarpellini F RCT RIF IVF Not mentioned 300ug subcutaneously P
2013 Yu Li Retro Thin endometrium FET Natural cycle;
extended estrogen cycle;
induced cycle
100ug uterine infusion I, P, M
2014 Eftekhar M Pro Thin endometrium FET extended estrogen cycle 300ug uterine infusion Chemical P, P
2014 Barad DH RCT Unselected IVF/FET Not mentioned 300ug uterine infusion I, P
2015 Bin Xu Retro/Pro Thin endometrium FET Natural cycle/EMS 300ug uterine infusion I, P, M, B
2016 Aleyasin A RCT RIF IVF GnRH-a long protocol 300ug subcutaneously I, CP, P, EP