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Table 2 Results of parallelism validation tests for testosterone and estrone enzyme immunoassays

From: Biological sex identification in the endangered dusky gopher frog (Lithobates sevosa): a comparison of body size measurements, secondary sex characteristics, ultrasound imaging, and urinary hormone analysis methods

  Testosterone parallelism Estrone parallelism
  F-test (DFn,DFd) P-value F-test (DFn,DFd) P-value
Male urine pool F(1,8) = 2.9675 0.12 F(1,7) = 3.1545 0.12
Female urine pool F(1,8) = 4.0431 0.08 F(1,10) = 1.1846 0.30
  1. DFn,DFd: degrees of freedom numerator (DFn), degrees of freedom denominator (DFd)