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Table 2 Details of the Human Participants Included in the Study

From: Very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) detected in azoospermic testicular biopsies of adult survivors of childhood cancer

No Current Age of Cancer Survivor Age at Diagnosis
of Cancer
Type of Cancer;
Treatment Regimen given to Treat Cancer (with alkylating agent doses)
Semen Analysis FSH Testo-sterone
1 35 years 12 years Hodgkin’s Lymphoma; CT + RT
CT : Cyclophosphamide-9.6gm/m2
RT to bilateral neck 40Gy/20#
Azoospermia - -
2 35 years 12.6 years Lymphoblastic lymphoma;CT+ RT
CT : Cyclophosphamide 22.4gm/m2
RT : Cranial 18Gy/9#
Mediastinum 40 Gy/20#
Azoospermia - -
3 30 year 5 years at first diagnosis
27 years at recurrence
Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma with recurrence/ transformation to Diffuse Large B cell Lymphoma
Surgery + CT+ RT
Surgery-Right Orchiectomy
CT: Cyclophosphamide 16gm/m2
RT: Cranial 18Gy/9#
CT alone
Cyclophosphamide-5.5 gm/m2
Azoospermia WNL WNL
4 35 years 8 years Wilms tumor : Surgery + CT+ RT
Surgery-Left nephrectomy
CT: Cyclophosphamide-10.8 gm/m2,
RT to left renal fossa 20 Gy/7#
Azoospermia Elevated WNL
5 28 years 7 years Hodgkin Lymphoma; CT + RT
CT : Cyclophosphamide- 9.3 gm/m2; Procarbazine-10 gm/m2
RT to bilateral neck 36 Gy/18#
Azoospermia Elevated WNL
6 23 years 13 years Non Hodgkin lymphoma;CT + RT
CT :Cyclophosphamide 20 g/m2
RT: Cranial 19.8Gy/11#
Azoospermia Elevated Elevated
7 25 years 10 year Non Hodgkin lymphoma; CT + RT
CT : Cyclophosphamide 19gm/m2
RT: Cranial 19.8Gy/11#
Azoospermia Elevated Elevated
  1. CT – chemotherapy; RT- Radiotherapy; Gy –gray; WNL- Within normal range