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Table 1 Polycystic ovary syndrome related signs, symptoms, comorbidities, medication, laboratory results, ultrasound findings and other phenotypes abstracted from the medical record to inform feature selection and model training for natural language processing (NLP) analysis

From: Identification of subjects with polycystic ovary syndrome using electronic health records

Feature Parameter Source
PCO morphology Ovarian volume >10 Pelvic ultrasound
PCO morphology ≥12 follicles or PCO morphology in text Pelvic ultrasound
Hyperandrogenism Elevated testosterone, DHEAS or androstenedione Laboratory data
Hyperandrogenism Hirsutism Note
Hyperandrogenism Ferriman Gallwey Score Physical exam
Hyperandrogenism Acne Physical exam or note
Hyperandrogenism Alopecia, Hair loss, balding Physical exam or note
Irregular menses Cycle length Note
Irregular menses Irregular menses, oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea, etc. Note
Hyperandrogenism Clitoromegaly Physical exam
Associated Features
Acanthosis Nigricans Acanthosis Physical exam
Gestational Diabetes Gestational diabetes Note
Infertility Anovulatory infertility Note
Obesity Obesity Physical exam or note
Type 2 diabetes Type 2 diabetes Laboratory data or note
Pertinent Negatives
Excessive exercise Exercise history Note
Chronic opioid or drug use Substance history Note
Hypothalamic amenorrhea BMI or Hypothalamic amenorrhea history Physical exam or note