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Fig. 2

From: In the pubertal rat, the regulation of ovarian function involves the synergic participation of the sensory and sympathetic innervations that arrive at the gonad

Fig. 2

Estradiol serum levels. Mean ± SEM of estradiol serum levels (pg/ml) in animals injected at birth with vehicle or capsaicin and subjected to SON sectioning. At 20 or 28 days of age, the animals were subjected to a sham-operation (SO) or to left (L), right (R) or bilateral (B) SSON and sacrificed at the first vaginal estrus. Significance was noted as indicated. a p <0.05 VEHICLE + SO vs. CAPSAICIN + SO, CAPSAICIN + SSON-L or R and VEHICLE + SSON-B at 20 days old, and VEHICLE + SO vs. VEHICLE + SSON-L at 28 days of age, ANOVA test followed Tukey’s. b p <0.05 vehicle + SSON-L vs. CAPSAICIN + SSON-L at 20 or 28 days of age, ANOVA test followed Tukey’s. c p <0.05 VEHICLE + SSON-R vs. CAPSAICIN + SSON-R at 20 days old, Student’s t test. d p <0.05 CAPSAICIN + SO vs. CAPSAICIN + SSON-B at 28 days old, Student’s t test

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