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Fig. 4

From: Expression and functional characterisation of System L amino acid transporters in the human term placenta

Fig. 4

Protein expression and activity of System L amino acid transporters in MVM from women with normal or high pre/early pregnancy BMI. a Representative Western blots showing MVM expression of LAT1 and LAT2 transporters in mothers with normal and high pre-pregnancy BMI. Bar graphs represent the summary of data; mean + SEM. LAT1: N = 6, normal BMI; N = 9, high BMI. LAT2: N = 17, normal BMI; N = 21, high BMI. b System L transport activity was determined in isolated MVM vesicles; mean + SEM. N = 19, normal BMI; N = 24, high BMI. c Correlation between placental MVM System L activity and birth weight (N = 43)

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