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Table 4 rs9939609 allele comparisons of PCOS and control divided into groups according to the presence or absence of obesity

From: Interaction between common variants of FTO and MC4R is associated with risk of PCOS

  MAF P OR 95 % CI
  PCOS Control
Obese group 0.16 0.13 0.074 1.31 (0.95–1.67)
Non-obese group 0.12 0.09 0.247 1.30 (0.92–1.68)
  1. P adj, adjusted P value by BMI in logistic regression. The comparison of the PCOS Obese group and Non-obese group was carried out (p = 0.005, p adj = 0.74), which was also true for the controls (p = 0.031, p adj = 0.21)