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Table 4 Relation of endometriosis (UMLS ID: C0014175) with other diseases that significantly share GWAS/OMIM/DEG genes [5]

From: Infertility etiologies are genetically and clinically linked with other diseases in single meta-diseases

Diseases P value a
Female genital diseases <0.0001
Uterine diseases <0.0001
Myocardial infarction <0.0001
Coronary artery disease <0.0001
Sleep disorders, intrinsic <0.0001
Parasomnia <0.0001
Myocardial ischemia <0.0001
Dementia due to specified medical condition <0.0001
Restless legs syndrome 0.0002
Diabetes mellitus, non-insulin dependent 0.0005
Sex reversal, female, with dysgenesis of kidneys, adrenals, and lungs 0.0016
46,XX testicular disorders of sex development 0.0016
Disorder of pancreatic internal secretion 0.0017
Hyperandrogenism 0.0032
HIV infections 0.0044
Carotid atherosclerosis 0.0063
Pancreatic intraductal papillary mucinous adenoma 0.0074
Aortic eneurysm, abdominal 0.0095
  1. aA hypergeometric test was applied by DiseaseConnect [5] to assess the significance of the GWAS/OMIM/DEG genes shared by endometriosis and a particular disease.