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Table 3 Relation of POF (UMLS ID: C0085215) with other diseases that significantly share GWAS/OMIM/DEG genes [5]

From: Infertility etiologies are genetically and clinically linked with other diseases in single meta-diseases

Diseases P value a
Hypergonadotropic ovarian failure, X linked <0.0001
Premature menopause <0.0001
Fragile X tremor/ataxia syndrome <0.0001
POF7 (disorder) <0.0001
Spermatogenic failure 8 <0.0001
Hypoaldosteronism <0.0001
Sex chromosome disorders <0.0001
Adrenal cortical hypofunction <0.0001
Fragile X syndrome <0.0001
Adrenal gland hypofunction 0.0001
Adrenal gland diseases 0.0005
POF5 0.0008
POF6 0.0008
POF2b 0.0008
Sex chromosome aberrations 0.0008
Ptosis 0.0016
Uterine prolapse without mention of vaginal wall prolapse 0.0016
Eyelid diseases 0.0024
Blepharophimosis 0.0040
Blepharoptosis 0.0071
  1. aA hypergeometric test was applied by DiseaseConnect [5] to assess the significance of the GWAS/OMIM/DEG genes shared by POF and a particular disease.