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Table 2 Relation of PCOS (UMLS ID: C0032460) with other diseases that significantly share GWAS/OMIM/DEG genes [5]

From: Infertility etiologies are genetically and clinically linked with other diseases in single meta-diseases

Diseases P value a
Ovarian cysts <0.0001
Gonadal dysgenesis 0.0002
Leydig cell hypoplasia, type II 0.0015
Donohue syndrome 0.0015
Sulfocysteinuria 0.0015
Primary hypogonadism 0.0015
Diabetes mellitus, insulin resistant, with acanthosis nigricans 0.0015
Sulfite oxidase deficiency 0.0015
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome 0.0015
Rabson Mendenhall syndrome 0.0015
Eunuchism 0.0030
Pseudohermaphroditism 0.0030
ACTH deficiency, isolated 0.0030
Isolated lutropin deficiency (disorder) 0.0030
Lassa fever 0.0031
Arenaviridae infections 0.0031
Hemorrhagic fevers, viral 0.0032
Precocious puberty 0.0046
Liposarcoma, dedifferentiated 0.0057
Gonadal dysgenesis, 46,XX 0.0061
46, XX disorders of sex development 0.0061
Synovial sarcoma 0.0067
Multiple system congenital anomalies not elsewhere classified (NEC) in Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms (SNOMED-CT) 0.0076
  1. aA hypergeometric test was applied by DiseaseConnect [5] to assess the significance of the GWAS/OMIM/DEG genes shared by PCOS and a particular disease.