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Table 2 Criteria of methotrexate (MTX) treatment for ectopic pregnancy (EP)

From: Ectopic pregnancy secondary to in vitro fertilisation-embryo transfer: pathogenic mechanisms and management strategies

MTX for EP
Indications • Haemodynamically stable patients
• Minimal or no symptoms
• Serum hCG is < 5000 IU/L
• Ectopic mass < 3.5 cm
• No embryonic cardiac activity
• Confirmed diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy
• Able to comply with the follow-up
Contraindications • Hemodynamically unstable
• Suspected ruptured EP
• Heterotopic pregnancy
• Pregnancy of unknown location
• Breastfeeding
• Chronic liver disease
• Renal disease
• Active peptic ulcer or colitis
• Active pulmonary disease
• Immunodeficiency
• Haematological disease
• Sensitivity to MTX
• Unable to comply with visits and follow-up