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Table 1 Risk factors for EP during IVF-ET

From: Ectopic pregnancy secondary to in vitro fertilisation-embryo transfer: pathogenic mechanisms and management strategies

  Maternal IVF-ET Technique
Definite risks Tubal infertility High volume of transfer media
Pelvic inflammatory disease Multiple embryo transfer
History of tubal surgery  
Previous ectopic pregnancy  
Cigarette smoking  
Inconclusive risks Maternal age Controlled ovarian stimulation
Uterine abnormalities Triggering oocyte maturation
Luteal phase support
In vitro fertilisation/maturation
Assisted hatching
Embryonic stage at transfer
Fresh vs. Frozen embryo
Transfer technique of embryo
  1. Summary of definite and inconclusive risk factors for ectopic/heterotopic pregnancy during in vitro fertilisation and embryo transfer treatment.