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Table 2 Hormone injection protocol used to induce ovulation

From: Effect of priming injections of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone on spermiation and ovulation in Gϋnther's Toadlet, Pseudophryne guentheri

Treatment Dose administered at 0 hrs Dose administered at 24 hrs Dose administered at 50 hrs
Control - - 0 μg/g LHRHa
No priming - - 2 μg/g LHRHa
One priming - 0.4 μg/g LHRHa 2 μg/g LHRHa
Two priming 0.4 μg/g LHRHa 0.4 μg/g LHRHa 2 μg/g LHRHa
  1. Hormone dose administered and timing of injections are shown for each priming treatment (n = 8/treatment).