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Table 2 Effectiveness of DHEA supplementation in IVF pregnancies based on preconception AMH levels

From: Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) supplementation in diminished ovarian reserve (DOR)

DHEA effects Reference
Pregnancies/live births at all AMH levels; Not even undetectable levels of AMH, therefore, preclude pregnancies/live births; [31]
Pregnancies lowest a at AMH levels <0.1 (undetectable) -0.4 ng/mL, intermediate b at AMH 0.41-1.05 ng/ML and high c ≥ AMH 1.06 ng/mL; [31]
Spontaneous miscarriage rates lowest d at AMH ≤ 0.4 ng/mL and 1.06 ng/mL; Highest e at AMH 0.41-1.05 ng/mL; [31]
Live births rates uniformly low f at AMH <0.1-1.05 ng/mL and high g at AMH ≥ 1.6 ng/mL; [31]
AMH increases in parallel with length of DHEA supplementation; [32]
This increase is more pronounced in younger POA than older DOR patients; [32]
Improvement in AMH levels with DHEA supplementation is highly predictive of pregnancy success [32]
  1. aApproximately 5% per cycle, 10% cumulative; b Approximately 10% per cycle and 17% cumulative;
  2. cApproximately 28% per cycle and 42% cumulative; d Approximately <15%; e Approximately 50%;
  3. fApproximately 4% per cycle, 7% cumulative; g Approximately 22% per cycle, 32% cumulative;
  4. Date extracted from Gleicher et al [31].