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Figure 4 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 4

From: Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) supplementation in diminished ovarian reserve (DOR)

Figure 4

Spontaneous pregnancy loss in spontaneous and IVF pregnancies at various AMH levels. The figure depicts at various AMH levels in the left column IVF pregnancies (IVF), as previously reported [Gleicher et al. (31)], and in the right column spontaneously conceived pregnancies (SP). Each column represents 100% of all pregnancies established, separated for live births (black section), voluntary termination of pregnancy (TOP; usually for aneuploidy) and spontaneous miscarriages (SAB). The figure demonstrates that at very low AMH levels (≤0.40 ng/mL) and at AMH ≥ 1.06 ng/mL. IVF pregnancies led to significantly higher live birth rates than spontaneously conceived DHEA pregnancies. Lowest pregnancy and live birth rates were observed with IVF and spontaneously between AMH 0.41-1.05 ng/mL, with no spontaneous DHEA pregnancies at all at AMH 0.81-1.05 ng/mL. While in IVF pregnancies miscarriage rates were clearly reduced at very low and at higher AMH, miscarriages appeared unaffected (~50%) in spontaneously conceived pregnancies.

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