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Figure 4

From: Complex modulation of androgen responsive gene expression by methoxyacetic acid

Figure 4

qPCR validation of microarray results for genes representative of five TFS groups. TM3-AR cells were treated with vehicle (DMSO, -), testosterone (T), MAA (M), or with T + MAA (T+M), as in Figure 1B. qPCR analysis was carried out for the five indicated genes; their TFS group assignments (Additional file 2, Table S2) are shown in parentheses. Two pools of TM3-AR cell RNA, each comprised on RNA isolated from 3 independent cell cultures, were assayed and are represented by the pair of bars in each treatment group. Data are mean ± SD values based on n = 3 replicates, with the first vehicle control pooled sample set to 1.0. Significantly different from control at p < 0.05 (*) or at p < 0.01 (**); significantly different from T at p < 0.05 (#); and significantly different from MAA at p < 0.01 (++). qPCR primers used for this analysis are shown in Additional file 1, Table S1.

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