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Figure 1

From: Molecular cloning and expression of bovine nucleoplasmin 2 (NPM2): a maternal effect gene regulated by miR-181a

Figure 1

Cloning and sequence analysis of bovine NPM2 gene. A. Schematic representation of bovine NPM2 cDNA and its cloning strategy. B. Schematic representation of bovine NPM2 gene structure. C. Multiple alignment of the deduced amino acid sequence of bovine NPM2 with its human and mouse counterparts. Alignment of amino acid sequences from human (NP_877724), mouse (NP_851990) and bovine (ACT65735) NPM2 proteins was performed using ClustalW analysis [42]. The area indicated by the box is the nuclear localization signal. The stars in the alignment represent the putative histone binding region [a stretch of negatively charged glutamic acid (E) and aspartic acid (D) residues].

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