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Figure 5 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 5

From: Evaluation of human first trimester decidual and telomerase-transformed endometrial stromal cells as model systems of in vitro decidualization

Figure 5

Quantitative mRNA expression of decidual marker genes upon cAMP stimulation or combined treatment with cAMP and E2P4 in differentiating HDSC and THESC. Cultures were incubated with E2P4 and/or cAMP for for 3, 6, 9 and 12 days and transcript levels were analysed by real-time PCR. For relative quantification of mRNA expression, cAMP-treated samples were arbitrarily set at 100%. Bars indicate mean values ± SEM of five and four different experiments performed in HESC and THESC, respectively. PCR reactions were done in duplicates. * indicates p < 0.05 compared to the cAMP-stimulated sample of the same day; n.s., not significant. A) PRL mRNA expression. B) IGFBP1 mRNA expression.

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