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Table 4 Functional annotation clusters for up- and down-regulated transcripts from CERTL obtained through GATHER webtool

From: Bioinformatic detection of E47, E2F1 and SREBP1 transcription factors as potential regulators of genes associated to acquisition of endometrial receptivity

Database Functional annotation number of genes p Value
up-regulated transcripts
Gene Ontology response to stimulus 16 <0.0001
Gene Ontology response to biotic stimulus 12 <0.0001
Gene Ontology defense response 11 <0.0001
Gene Ontology immune response 10 <0.0001
Gene Ontology response to stress 9 0.0001
Gene Ontology complement activation, classical pathway 4 <0.0001
Gene Ontology complement activation 4 <0.0001
KEGG Pathway Complement and coagulation cascades 4 0.0002
down-regulated transcripts
Gene Ontology morphogenesis 10 0.0001
Gene Ontology cytokinesis 4 0.0001
Gene Ontology skeletal development 4 0.0001
Gene Ontology development 12 0.0002
KEGG Pathway cell cycle 4 0.0002
  1. Enriched functional annotations found in GATHER (Table 4) and DAVID (table 5) appear in bolded style.