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Table 1 Composition of feeds used for experimental mares.

From: Effects of nutritional cues on the duration of the winter anovulatory phase and on associated hormone levels in adult female Welsh pony horses (Equus caballus)

  Wheat straw Commercial Pellets Dehydrated alfalfa pellets
UFC 0.26/kg 0.71/kg 0.51/kg
MADC 0 g/kg 83.8 g/kg 90 g/kg
Ca 4.4 g/kg 10 g/kg 22 g/kg
P 0.7 g/kg 4 g/kg 2.2 g/kg
Mg 0.6 mg/kg 30.5 mg/kg 2.0 mg/kg
  1. UFC = Horse Feed Unit [50]
  2. MADC = Horse Digestible Crude Protein [50]