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Figure 3

From: In vitro secretion and activity profiles of matrix metalloproteinases, MMP-9 and MMP-2, in human term extra-placental membranes after exposure to Escherichia coli

Figure 3

Histologic analysis and collagen content of human chorioamniotic membranes. (a) Histologic analysis of membranes control and infected during 24 h with E. coli in the amnion (AMN) and the choriodecidua (CHD) simultaneously, showing that the reticular structure of the amnion has been extensively degraded and hydrated, producing loss of structural continuity between both regions. AE, amniotic epithelium; CTL, connective tissue layer; CTB, cytotrophoblasts; D, decidua. Original magnification 20X. (b) Collagen content in membranes from three different stimulation modalities with their corresponding groups, in which the explants were incubated simultaneously with the TIMPs. Each bar represents the mean and standard deviation of eight independent experiments. Significant differences between basal and stimulated conditions are indicated (*P < 0.05). Groups simultaneously treated with the bacterium and TIMPs were compared with their respective group stimulated only with the bacterium (&P < 0.05).

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