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Table 2 Reasons why study results on androgen effects have, likely, been inconsistent

From: The role of androgens in follicle maturation and ovulation induction: friend or foe of infertility treatment?

Reasons why study results on androgen effects have likely been inconsistent
Not all androgens are equally agonistic with AR
Androgens have genomic and non-genomic effects on follicle maturation
A specific androgen may have different effects:
   • Based on concentration: inside or outside of therapeutic ranges
   • Based on synergism/antagonism with other factors: synergism with FSH, etc.
Androgens affect follicles differently at different maturity stages:
   • Most effective at preantral and antral stage
   • Length of androgen supplementation, therefore, counts
Androgens may be only/most effective in hypoandrogenic/DOR patients
Inhomogeneous study populations: PCOS as example