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Table 1 Summary of androgen effects on maturing follicles based on animal data

From: The role of androgens in follicle maturation and ovulation induction: friend or foe of infertility treatment?

Observation Potential clinical relevance
Different androgens affect ovarian follicles in varying ways May explain positive and negative effects reported in literature; Different androgens can be expected to have different clinical effects.
Androgens will affect follicles differently at varying concentrations Same as above
Androgens affect ovaries through genomic (AR) and non-genomic signaling  
• Most affected cell type: granulosa cells Granulosa cell abnormalities should be associated with POF and other ovarian function abnormalities
• Most affected maturation stage: preantral and early antral follicles Androgen effects should be visible in AMH levels and AFCs
Androgens activate FSH activity on granulosa cells the most at antral stage Antral stage should be most responsive to synergistic activity of androgens and FSH