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Table 2 Effect of scrotal heat stress and γ-radiation on Tail length on Comets from spermatozoa recovered from different sections along uterine tract and assessed by neutral Comet assay

From: Selection against spermatozoa with fragmented DNA after postovulatory mating depends on the type of damage

Treatment Tail Length
  Ep Uc Uov Ov†
Control 6.71 ± 0.82 30.94 ± 5.62b 25.71 ± 2.42b 8.86 ± 0.8a
(n = 9)     
Scrotal Heat Stress 38.96 ± 4.09 38.37 ± 4.66a 29.39 ± 3.52a 11.20 ± 1.50b
(n = 9)     
γ-Radiation 17.20 ± 3.58 44.58 ± 12.08b 32.38 ± 9.58ab 11.18 ± 2.99b
(n = 8)     
  1. Significant differences in tail length and tail moment from spermatozoa recovered in each section analyzed, within a treatment, were denoted with different Latin alphabetical superscript in each row; and within a section were denoted with different Greek superscripts in each column. Means ± SEM. Values with different superscripts differ significantly (P < 0.05) Ep, epididymal sperm; Uc, sperm population recovered from uterine tract near cervix; Uo, sperm population recovered from uterine tract near oviduct and Ov, sperm recovered from oviduct† Indicates no significant differences among treatments within a section.