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Table 4 Probability* of having a cesarean section for four hypothetical women with different combinations of predictors

From: The impact of non-significant variable decelerations appearing in the latent phase on delivery mode: a prospective cohort study

Hypothetical Ep In BMI GA Primi MD Polyhy Oligoh Group p
Woman 1 no no 25 40 no no no no SV 8%
Woman 2 no no 25 40 no no no no NSV 1%
Woman 3 yes yes 35 40 yes yes no yes SV 89.2%
Woman 4 yes yes 35 40 yes yes no yes NSV 49.3%
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  2. Abbreviations: P: probability(%); e: exponential function (exp); Ep:1 if woman has an epidural and 0 otherwise; In: 1 if the women is induced and 0 otherwise; BMI: woman's body mass index in kg/m2; GA: gestational age in weeks; Primi: 1 if woman is primiparous and 0 otherwise; MD: 1 if women has one or more of the following diseases: diabetes, hypertensive disorders, thrombophilia, cardiac disease and asthma, and 0 otherwise; Polyhy: 1 if woman has polyhydramnios and 0 if not; Oligoh: 1 if woman has olighydramnios and 0 if not; NSV: 1 if the woman has non-significant variable decelerations and 0 otherwise; SV: 1 if the woman has significant variable decelerations and 0 otherwise.