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Table 1 Female and male gonad developmental stages in R tawarensis and their descriptions.

From: Spawning seasons of Rasbora tawarensis (Pisces: Cyprinidae) in Lake Laut Tawar, Aceh Province, Indonesia

Stages Classification Macroscopic appearance Oocyte size (μm) GSI range
   Testes Ovary   F M
I Immature Small, flat, translucent to whitish, poorly developed, with reduced fringes. Small, transparent to translucent and not very voluminous. Oocyte not visible with naked eye. 209.61-592.78 (447.30 ± 99.42)a <10.9 <2.0
II Develop Whitish with voluminous fringes. Large orange-pale, oocytes may be visible through the ovary tunic. 528.37-867.10 (711.24 ± 63.21)b 11.0-18.9 2.5-5.5
III Mature Very large, firm, white in colour. Very large occupying part of the abdominal cavity. Yellow oocyte turgescency. 604.15-894.33 (780.59 ± 50.71)c 19.0-23.9 5.6-8.0
IV Ripe Full developed, turgid fringes, milky-whitish in colour. Milt run out of the fish. Occupying the entire abdominal cavity. Ovulated oocytes can be fully expelled from the oviduct with gentle pressure. 725.27-991.81 (844.09 ± 57.59)d >24.0 > 8.0
V Spent Bloody and flaccid fringes. Flaccid, red-brown or bloody in colour. Few remaining large oocytes observed, and smaller size oocytes may be seen. 227.64-770.82 (447.38 ± 139.02)a 2.5-10.9 1.5-3.0
  1. *Mean oocyte size in the same column followed by a different superscript is significant different (P < 0.05).