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Figure 3 | Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology

Figure 3

From: Quantitative analysis of mRNA translation in mammalian spermatogenic cells with sucrose and Nycodenz gradients

Figure 3

Recovery of [32P]-labeled T7 bacteriophage RNA polymerase transcripts from the fractions of sucrose and Nycodenz gradients. Each fraction of sucrose and Nycodenz gradients was spiked with ~100,000 cpm of [32P]-labeled T7 bacteriophage RNA polymerase transcript, RNA was extracted from each fraction using the procedures described in Additional file 1, and the amount of radiolabeled RNA was determined by Cherenkov counting in a scintillation counter. The results are depicted as the percentage of cpm in each fraction relative to the average cpm in all of the fractions in each gradient. Fraction 1 of the sucrose gradients contains RNA extracted from the pellet.

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