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Table 1 Primer sequences

From: Time-dependent mRNA expression of selected pro-inflammatory factors in the endometrium of primiparous cows postpartum

Gene Primer sequence Reference Fragment size (bp) Annealing temperature
CXCL5 for 5'-TGA GAC TGC TAT CCA GCC G-3' [7] 193 bp 61°C
  rev 5'-AGA TCA CTG ACC GTT TTG GG-3'    
IL1B for 5'-CAA GGA GAG GAA AGA GAC A-3' [29] 236 bp 56°C
  rev 5'-TGA GAA GTG CTG ATG TAC CA-3'    
IL6 for 5'-TCC AGA ACG AGT ATG AGG-3' [29] 236 bp 56°C
  rev 5'-CAT CCG AAT AGC TCT CAG-3'    
IL8 for 5'-CGA TGC CAA TGC ATA AAA AC-3' [7] 153 bp 56°C
  rev 5'-CTT TTC CTT GGG GTT TAG GC-3'    
PTGS2 for 5'-CTC TTC CTC CTG TGC CTG AT-3' [11] 359 bp 60°C
  rev 5'-CTG AGT ATC TTT GAC TGT GGG AG-3'    
HP for 5'-TGG TCT CCC AGC ATA ACC TC-3' [7] 217 bp 60°C
  rev 5'-TTG ATG AGC CCA ATG TCT ACC-3'    
TNF for 5'-CAA GTA ACA AGC CGG TAG CC-3' [30] 354 bp 60°C
  rev 5'-GCT GGA AGA CTC CTC CCT G-3'    
18S rRNA for 5'-GAG AAA CGG CTA CCA CAT CCA A-3' [11] 337 bp 61°C
  rev 5'-GAC ACT CAG CTA AGA GCA TCG A-3'    
  1. Gene transcripts, primer sequences and annealing temperatures used for real-time PCR with resulting amplicon length.