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Table 1 Characteristics of datasets included in the studies.

From: A cross-study gene set enrichment analysis identifies critical pathways in endometriosis

First Author
or Contributor
Chip GEO Accession Experimental design Classification Probes Number of samples
       Disease Normal
Sha [4] U133 PLUS 2.0 GSE7846 unpaired, HEECS ovarian 54K 5 5
Burney [14] U133 PLUS 2.0 GSE6364 unpaired, tissues Ovarian, peritoneal,
54K 21 16
Eyster [15] CodeLink GSE5108 paired, tissues Ovarian, peritoneal 55K 6/5 6/5
Hever [16] U133 PLUS 2.0 GSE7305 paired, tissues ovarian 54K 10 10
Roth U133 PLUS 2.0 GSE7307 unpaired, tissues ovarian 54K 18 23
Hull [17] U133A GSE11691 paired, tissues peritoneal 22K 9 9
  1. paried: compare eutopic endometrium to ectopic endometrium from the same patients with entire endometrial tissue.
  2. unparied: compare eutopic endometrium from women with endometriosis to eutopic endometrium from women without endometriosis.
  3. HEECS: human endometrial endothelial cells samples.