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Table 5 The highest scoring networks after NASP siRNA treatment (upregulated genes)

From: Analysis of gene expression profiles in HeLa cells in response to overexpression or siRNA-mediated depletion of NASP

  Focus genes Interacting genes Score Top functions
1 ARL5A, E2F8, GSR, HMGB2, NAP1L5, OGG1, PSIP1, RBM17, RDM1, TMEFF2, TMSL8, UBE2S APOBEC1, ERBB4, Erbb4 dimer, ERBB4 ligand, ESR2, HCFC1, HINT1 (includes EG:3094), IGH@, KAT5, KPNA2, MAD2L1BP, MAGEH1, NRG3, NRG4, POLE2, RAG1, RCHY1, TBXAS1, TP53, UBE2E3, UBE2V1, WRN (includes EG:7486), WWOX 25 DNA replication, recombination, and repair, cellular development, connective tissue disorders
2 CALB1, CGA, F2RL1, FST, FSTL1, GNG2, SAA1, SYTL5, TNFRSF11B, ZBED2 AKR1C14, ARHGAP22, ARHGEF5, ATP9A, C5ORF23, CENPI, ERK, FJX1, FSH, GK7P, hCG, IL2, LOC81691, LOC652955, MARCH3, NFkB, MRPS6, PI4K2A, RAB27A, REGL, STEAP1, Tgf beta, TP53I11, ZFP386, ZNF808 20 reproductive system disease, respiratory disease, immune response
3 TES, CRYAB, HAPLN1, KIF5C, MFAP5, PDGFRB, PI4K2B, PNMA2, RASSF8, CCDC5 AASS, Abl1/2, Cadherin (E, N, P, VE), CAPRIN1, CDKN2A, CNN2, CTNNB1, DLL3, FRMD6, GLRX2, hydrogen peroxide, KIFC1, KLC3, KRT1, LSR, MLXIP, NOTCH1, PMEPA1, PXN, SRC, SRFBP1, TAX1BP3, TGFB1, TOB2, YWHAG 20 cancer, cell death, cell cycle