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Table 3 Gene ontology categories significantly (p < 0.05) up-regulated and down-regulated in HeLa cells treated with NASP siRNA

From: Analysis of gene expression profiles in HeLa cells in response to overexpression or siRNA-mediated depletion of NASP

P-value GO category P-value GO category
1.10e-003 morphogenesis 1.51e-002 DNA packaging
2.10e-003 organogenesis 1.59e-002 cell adhesion receptor activity
7.68e-003 chromosome 1.67e-002 fatty acid metabolism
1.00e-002 nucleic acid binding 1.73e-002 muscle development
1.22e-002 chromatin 2.54e-002 carboxylic acid metabolism
1.36e-002 nucleic acid metabolism 2.95e-002 nucleosome assembly
1.69e-002 development 3.04e-002 chromatin architecture
2.02e-002 response to radiation 3.18e-002 nucleosome
2.11e-002 DNA packaging 3.33e-002 acyl-CoA dehydrogenase activity
3.19e-002 extracellular space 3.63e-002 chromosome organization
4.64e-002 intracellular transporter activity 3.90e-002 nuclear organization and biogenesis
4.84e-002 DNA binding 4.25e-002 DNA metabolism
4.96e-002 transporter activity 4.39e-002 chromatin assembly/disassembly
   4.73e-002 chromatin
   4.79e-002 development
   4.87e-002 chromosome