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Table 2 Gene ontology categories significantly (p < 0.05) up-regulated and down-regulated in HeLa cells overexpressing NASP

From: Analysis of gene expression profiles in HeLa cells in response to overexpression or siRNA-mediated depletion of NASP

P-value GO category P-value GO category
1.56e-011 immune response 6.75e-003 transcription regulator activity
2.24e-011 response to biotic stimulus 2.68e-002 transcription factor complex
7.52e-011 defense response 3.85e-002 transcription factor activity
5.30e-009 response to external stimulus 4.21e-002 DNA binding
1.16e-008 cytokine activity 4.75e-002 nucleoplasm
5.89e-008 receptor binding   
7.08e-007 response to stress   
1.12e-006 response to pest/pathogen/parasite   
1.62e-006 inflammatory response   
1.81e-006 response to wounding   
2.39e-006 innate immune response   
8.28e-006 growth factor activity   
9.48e-005 response to chemical substance   
1.96e-004 regulation of cell proliferation   
3.26e-004 apoptosis   
3.31e-004 regulation of cell cycle   
3.36e-004 programmed cell death   
3.46e-004 chemokine activity   
3.46e-004 chemokine receptor binding   
4.59e-004 cell death   
4.87e-004 death   
5.27e-004 cell proliferation   
7.09e-004 regulation of cellular process   
7.72e-004 regulation of biological process   
8.20e-004 cell cycle arrest   
9.52e-004 regulation of cell proliferation   
1.83e-003 cell-cell signaling   
3.38e-003 response to virus   
3.38e-003 anti-apoptosis   
7.00e-003 cell communication   
7.10e-003 signal transducer activity   
9.37e-003 cell cycle   
1.15e-002 response to abiotic stimulus   
1.61e-002 nucleic acid binding   
2.58e-002 transcription factor activity   
3.10e-002 transcription regulator activity   
3.27e-002 response to DNA damage stimulus   
3.27e-002 regulation of apoptosis   
3.31e-002 response to endogenous stimulus