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Table 4 Monoclonal (mouse) antibodies used for FACS-analysis

From: Specific subsets of immune cells in human decidua differ between normal pregnancy and preeclampsia - a prospective observational study

Antigen Clone Isotype Conjugation Dilution Supplier
CD4 RPA-T4 IgG1 PE 1:20 BD-Ph
CD8 RPA-T8 IgG1 PE 1:20 BD-Ph
CD14 M5E2 IgG2a PE 1:20 BD-Ph
CD16 3G8 IgG1 PE + FITC 1:20 BD-Ph
CD19 HIB19 IgG1 PE 1:20 BD-Ph
CD25 B1.49.9 IgG2a PE 1:10 BC
CD45 HI30 IgG1 FITC 1:20 BD-Ph
CD56 B159 IgG1 PE 1:20 BD-Ph
Dc-Sign 120507 IgG2b PE 1:20 RD
HLA-DR TÜ36 IgG2b PE 1:20 BD-Ph
ab-T BMA031 IgG2b PE 1:10 BC
gd-T IMMU 510 IgG1 PE 1:10 BC
  1. Antibodies used for flow cytometric analysis of isolated mononuclear decidual cells.
  2. BC: Beckmann Coulter, Krefeld, Germany
  3. BD-Ph: BD Biosciences - Pharmingen, Heidelberg, Germany
  4. RD: R&D-Systems, Heidelberg, Germany