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Table 1 Evolutionary distances between horse proteins predicted in databases and orthologue proteins of cow, pig, human and mouse

From: The secretions of oviduct epithelial cells increase the equine in vitrofertilization rate: are osteopontin, atrial natriuretic peptide A and oviductin involved?

  Cow Pig Human Mouse
osteopontin_horse 0.391 0.332 0.283 0.451
ANP-A_horse 0.154 0.138 0.154 0.233
oviductin_horse 0.403 0.388 0.337 0.516
  1. The number of amino acid substitutions per site from analysis between sequences is shown between osteopontin, ANP A and oviductin horse proteins and their orthologues of cow, pig, human and mouse. All results per protein are based on the pairwise analysis of 5 sequences. Analyses were conducted using the JTT matrix-based method in MEGA4. All positions containing gaps and missing data were eliminated from the dataset.