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Table 4 Functional Categorization of Genes Significantly Altered via microarray analysis in immature male testes following TP, DEHP and Flu exposure

From: Di-(2 ethylhexyl) phthalate and flutamide alter gene expression in the testis of immature male rats

Functional category Transcript ID Gene Symbol
Steroid hormone biosynthetic process NM_031558 Star
  NM_017286 Cyp11a1
Regulation of Transcription XM_221387 Etv5_predicted
  XM_220283 Sox8_predicted
  XM_221521 Hoxd4_predicted
  NM_145880 Lhx1
  XM_218187 Cnot3_predicted
  XM_229139 RGD1566225_predicted
  XM_221627 Brwd1_predicted
  NM_133317 Tob1
Signal Transduction NM_031802 Gabbr2
  XM_216030 Vav2_predicted
  NM_012616 Omp
  NM_031770 Gnb5
  NM_001000980 Olr1366
  NM_023992 Kiss1r
  NM_175587 Taar7h
  NM_020106 Olr414_predicted
  NM_012992 Npm1
  NM_031753 Alcam
  XM_344627 Calm4_predicted
Metabolic process NM_021590 Aipl1
  NM_001012225 Mgat4a
  XM_342534 Nat5_predicted
  NM_001014242 Isoc1
  XM_236348 Cilp_predicted
Catabolic process NM_022625 Tpc1808
  NM_017035 Plcd1
Biosynthetic process NM_017265 Hsd3b1
  NM_001010966 Pigv
  NM_021653 Dio1
Integral to membrane XM_213394 Tmem93_predicted
  NM_001000365 Olr748_predicted
  XM_575355 RGD1561053_predicted
  XM_214673 Cog8_predicted
  XM_214360 Ubxd6_predicted
  NM_001000234 Olr297_predicted
  NM_139189 Lmbrd1
  XM_235640 Tmem16f_predicted
Mitochondrion NM_001013185 Cabc1
  XM_215487 Mrps30_predicted
Protein binding XM_215635 Apoa1bp_predicted
  NM_133529 Cabp1
  NM_013175 Sgne1
  XM_221047 Polg2_predicted
  NM_053356 Col1a2
  NM_133318 Khdrbs2
  XM_228462 RGD1565441_predicted
  XM_219296 Rbbp6
Others XM_215951 Kcng1
  NM_001008295 Fip1l1
  NM_021669 Ghrl
  XM_213289 RGD1308066_predicted
  NM_022625 Tpc1808
  NM_001014015 Rbm34
  NM_199291 Doxl2
  XM_216225 Ppp4r2_predicted
  XM_225336 Lrrc16_predicted
  XM_226843 Rnasen
  XM_234056 RGD1564242_predicted
  XM_345107 RGD1559810_predicted
  XM_341903 Nrip3_predicted
  XM_218447 RGD1561121_predicted
  NM_199092 Orc4l
  XM_215497 Rad1_predicted
  XM_575065 RGD1559623_predicted