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Figure 1

From: Serial analysis of gene expression reveals differential expression between endometriosis and normal endometrium. Possible roles for AXL and SHC1 in the pathogenesis of endometriosis

Figure 1

Serial Analysis of gene expression of endometriosis. A. 2D MDS plot shows that tissues of related origin cluster together. Endometrium and endometriosis libraries (NORMEN, ENDOM1, ENDOM2 and FbEM-1) are indicated in red, ovarian tissues (normal ovarian surface epithelial cell lines: IOSE and HOSE, ovarian cancer tissues: ES2, OVT6, OVT7, and OVT8) in dark blue, normal peritoneum (NPERITO) and malignant mesothelioma (MMESO) in light blue, and colon tissues (normal colon epithelium: NC1 and NC2, colon cancer tissues: Tu98 and Tu 102) in green. B. Clustering analysis of tags level in the three endometriosis libraries (endom1, endom2 and FbEM-1). The levels are relative to the expression in normal endometrium. Areas consisting of tags consistently elevated, decreased, or unchanged are shown above the heat map.

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